Is there any API that allows to IT department manage requests?

MKIT has an API that could be connected with other applications and this way all the functions can be used.

MKIT is available in which languages?

Mkit was developed in English. However, the user has access to other languages ​​and can choose which one to use.
It is also possible to replace some words of the fields to more appropriate designations.

What operating systems are supported?

MKIT is a web-based solution and it can be used in Windows, MAC and Linux environments.

What browsers are supported and what are the setting requirements?

MKIT works in all operating systems through Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer Browsers updated within the three most recent versions – current version and two most recently deprecated.

  • Java Script turned on;
  • Cookies (first-party and session) enabled;
  • Desktops and laptops with monitor resolution of 1280px wide or greater;
  • Android App – Android 4.0 or newer.
What are the recommended bandwidth requirements (ex. Internet connection speed)?

Minimum acceptable speeds being 1Mbps UP/DOWN. Recommended bandwidth requirements are ISP Upload Speed of 5 Mbps (or better) and ISP Download Speed of 20 Mbps (or better).

Can I use MKIT on my smart phone?

MKIT has an Android app available on Google Play; IOS app is coming soon!

How to create process /route:
How to create a request:
How to create a form:
How to create a new user:
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